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About Me

About me? hmm.. i always have trouble writing these things, but here it goes.. My name is Lauren, 14 years old (don't patronise me because of my age), live in London which is ideal because i love the rain. i enjoy acting alot, thats my dream though most people don't know it. i tend to notice the little things in life. alot of those things others don't care about, but are important to me. i love my friends and most of my family. im a happy person, it would be an insult to people who are seriously suffering in life to say otherwise. if you emo, dont talk to me. you complain about everything you have when chances are, millions of people have worse than you.

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My new Journal [August 02, 2006 @ 5:21pm]
hello everyone!

how are you all? just wanted to post to welcome you all to my LJ! First off i wanna thank Jess (Mrarr) for all her help. she really is awesome! my LJ wouldnt be up if it wasn't for her!


Lauren xx
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